Generate positive economic value on society and environment

A responsible approach to business is a key factor determining a company’s long-term success. We have a broad understanding of our duties as a financial services provider, member of society and employer. Committed to taking responsibility for our position and managing our business to provide a positive impact on society; contribute to the business activities and ultimately the success of our clients. Delivering value to our clients and society as a whole requires the commitment of our people – our greatest asset.

YSI hold the highest standards and know as an institution must conduct the business responsibly to build trust. YSI define corporate responsibility as an approach to business in which work to make a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy.

Every day, with every action YSI take, with highest standards can earn the trust of clients, colleagues and community partners. Guided by this value, aim to operate in a transparent, ethical and fair manner. YSI believe this approach is a cornerstone of a responsible business.

Client first is one of YSI values. YSI take responsibility for the impact of the business by delivering sound financial products and advice while protecting the clients’ privacy and assets. Help clients address their own sustainability objectives by offering socially and environmentally friendly products and services. To track the performance, that YSI measure client satisfaction and loyalty.

YSI Responsibility

Engaged and talented employees are critical to our success. YSI are committed to being an employer of choice, with workplace programs that enable us to attract, retain, develop and engage the very best employees. YSI foster a diverse and inclusive environment to enable innovation and personal and organizational growth.

Helping clients thrive and communities prosper. That’s YSI purpose. When clients and communities succeed, so do we. YSI will take the responsibility seriously and the priority is to generate positive economic value on society and environment.