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One of the pioneers in thematic investment

YSI is one of the pioneers in thematic investment, focusing on indentifying the themes and trend on global economy, long-term value of the investment, macro-perspective of the relationship between political and economic, to evaluate and monitor the benefit of events in the development progress, then capturing new investment opportunities in the global market.

YSI Group is a multinational financial investment services company which founders had experience of investment strategies and fund management, specializing in portfolio management for individuals and corporate investors. Core investment expertise includes stocks, bonds, real estate, foreign exchange and precious metals. YSI combines all the previous experience and skills with institutional funds to design the plan for independent adviser and promote appropriate investment programs for value client.

About wealth management, our financial advisors can help valued clients achieve the goals. Nearly 16 years, through the core values of customer's interests first, providing services and solutions, helping to establish, maintain and manage the delegate. We understand our customers ' wishes by provide trust and security, and we are committed to our goals, striving for long-term excellent performance, become a leader in thematic and hedge investment leader.

YSI Company

YSI developed the core algorithms FATP in 2003, widely applied in foreign exchange and commodity markets; in 2009, FATP integrated cloud technology, at the same time also achieve better market liquidity, improved policy implementation of the breadth and depth and diversified currency model, can be traded in hundreds of markets simultaneously, seeking for trend trading strategy profit or hedging.

YSI was founded in year 2000 in Singapore, which now operating in 12 countries, active in Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia and Beijing. We manage various fields in asset capital and geographical markets a full range of investment management; headquarters and representative offices are located in or near our investment markets, in order to committed and provide first-hand study for investment research, so the value clients will achieve their financial goals. Technology was an increasingly important element of financial development, YSI understand of client wants and need, which continuous increasing innovation on IT technologies to solve and satisfy customer beyond the expectation of global level.