Secure and stable profits on real estate investment
Investment Saving

YSI investment multi-manager team with a wide range of knowledge aims to find the secure profits on multiple potential market and design fixed-income investment project through stable and perfect financial management systems, lock stable continuity earning, including real estate trusts, real estate mortgage, REIT.

To provide a way for average investors to be owner of commercial properties without hassle of managing it; and to manage the properties to maximize rental income and profits for investor.

  • Professional Management
  • Property Management without headaches
  • Returns through Dividends
  • Returns through Appreciation
  • Liquidity
  • Transparency
  • Enjoy Low Volatility and Low Correlation

The real estate sectoris an important pillar contributing to the economic prosperity in Hong Kong. With more than 7 million people in Hong Kong, serious shortage of land, and properties purchases from Mainland people, the real estate demand far exceeds supply, pushing up the Hong Kong property preservation and appreciation. Hong Kong Banking real estate mortgage loans, not only to calculate the value of real estate, but also to evaluate lender ‘s ability to repay the loan; real estate has its market value does not mean client can borrow money relative to market value from bank. Hong Kong Government has legallyissued licenses to private finance companies. The annual real estate mortgage loans amount is over eighty billion Hong Kong dollars. The major financial groups are actively promotedin this business, specializing in small and medium enterprises loans.

We also maintain a long-term real estate investment in Singapore, which market condition is similar to Hong Kong that demand is greater thanthe supply and with transparency, freedom and rule of law of basic principles. In 2016, Singapore has surpassed Hong Kong as the thirdlargest financial center in the world. YSI has been in Singapore for many years, the principal assets held are securities issued bycompanies real estate industry (including equity securities, special shares, Senior securities, bonds, etc.), and real estate investment trusts (including corporate trust).